Turning an ethical developer into a hot property

Mashuni recently completed a project for Bedfordshire-based property developer Maulden Vale – a company that prides itself on the ethical, collaborative approach it takes to housebuilding within communities. 

Maulden Vale was already using typical routes to market via estate agents but wanted additional high-end sales material that accurately reflected the firm’s values, its quality and attention to detail while providing a compelling reason to want to view the properties on sale.

We used a mixture of professional photography, CGIs, 3D floorplans, and describing the internal layouts of the houses using words homebuyers actually want to hear, rather than bland corporate language.

The brochures were printed digitally, meaning Maulden Vale weren’t tied into a huge print run – this approach can handle print runs as small as a single copy.

If your property company wants to promote itself, get in touch with Mashuni; we’ll create material that reflects your brand values as well as hopefully selling a few houses!