Why consistent branding is so important to your business?

Results, results, results

Some businesses do not understand why developing and building a great brand is really important. Others believe it is the game that only big companies play and not really relevant or beneficial to the smaller entrepreneurial business, sole trader or SME. Others think that to communicate to their target audiences with a scattergun, confused approach is not a direct reflection on how they are perceived and they are happy to continue to do so. Some think that spending both time and money improving their brand is a waste and they cannot see how they would get a return on that investment.

If you are one of those companies above and genuinely do not get the whole “is having a consistent, coherent brand important” question, I would like to share with you a story about a small, Norfolk based, independent pest management control company that took the incredibly positive step to change the way they were perceived by the outside world to enable them to compete with big national players. They invested heavily but the return on investment was profound.

The Brief

Create a brand presence for Abate Pest Management that would move the company from being viewed as a single pest control operator to a big player, allowing them to compete with national companies within the industry.

Reduce dependency on directory advertising which equated to a sizeable proportion of their existing marketing budget.

Mashuni brand designs for Abate Pest Management
Mashuni brand designs for Abate Pest Management

The Solution

Working with Jonathan White (The White Organisationwe worked out a strategy for creating a coherent look across a wide range of marketing collateral. The main focus was on a range of corporate and product brochures targeting specific market sectors, all of which cross-sold the other sectors. We illustrated an array of striking, yet simplistic, icons representing the pests treated which could be used in both offline and online marketing media. The style was simplistic, the imagery impactful and it carried through an entire corporate identity – advertising, websites, portals, stationery, internal communications, exhibition stands, DVDs, stickers, postcards, uniforms, vehicle livery, signage and PR material. The website also allowed Abate to sell their products online as well as informing potential customers of the service offering.

The Results

Visually and financially this transformed Abate Pest Management. The look and feel was that of a large professional organisation and the impact financially over a two year period was significant with the first years effect translating into a 33% increase in turnover, the second year a 25% increase in business. In addition there was a massive cost saving from severing ties with national directory advertising which were not providing any meaningful form of ROI.

Abate now have a team of 11, have established a thoroughly deserved reputation both locally and nationally as the go to company for all manner of pest control and it has provided them with a really strong platform to grow the business.


If you get your branding right it can have a profound effect on your business. It can help to identify a product or service distinguishable from others. It is what makes a memorable impression on consumers – first impressions really do count. It allows your customers and clients to know what to expect from your company and enables you to distinguish yourself from the competitors, clarifying what it is you offer that makes you the better choice. Your brand should be a true representation of who you are as a business, and how you wish to be perceived.

  1. Result – Great branding will help with recognition
  2. Result – Great branding increases sales, turnover and business value
  3. Result – Great branding will help you to generate new enquiries and customers
  4. Result – Great branding will provide your employees with confidence, pride and satisfaction
  5. Result – Great branding will generate trust in the marketplace
  6. Result – Great branding will support any offline or online advertising that you do
  7. Result – Great branding will be an enabler for growth

Ask yourself these simple questions:

Is my current brand performing as well as it should?
Does my business stand out from my competition?
Am I gaining as many new enquiries and sales that I would like?
Is my brand consistent and coherent?

If you answered NO to any one of those questions then what are you going to do about it?

If you would like to discuss how Mashuni can help you to position your business so you can answer YES to all of those questions then please get in touch with me.